The Birth of the Somatic Symposium

Thanks for joining me.

The Somatic Symposium was birthed out of the need to reconnect with our felt sense.

To liberate our bodies and elevate our minds.

I believe this is only done through F U L L embodiment. When we inhabit our first home, our body, we eliminate suffering created by our mind.

Your experiences literally shape you. They shape your body. We experience our world and experiences through our sensory system; our touch, internal sensations, smell, and sight. When we separate from our bodies we are separated from the medium from which we experience reality. 90% of your thoughts are the same thoughts as the day before. For each moment of your life to be fresh and new, you must not rely on your brain’s interpretation of the event, but be receptive by using your bodily cues. The body is the gateway to complete human fulfillment and realization. When we work with the body we can reverse our programmed way of thinking. You can use your body to let go of suffering and shape new experiences.

How do we become detached from our body in the first place? Fear. We are conditioned for fear most of our lives. Think about your posture- how it changes in response to anger, sadness, depression, excitement or nervousness. Shoulder’s tighten, fascial muscles tense. The body is physically restricted when emotions are bounding it. Tension in the body fosters discursive thoughts.  When tension is released, feelings can be released. We become vigilant and not present.

When we inhabit our self, we begin to recognize the vastness of life within us. We begin to give reverence to the deep physiological resources within us all.  When we believe our bodies are capable, our mind soon follows. When we trust our bodies we begin to embrace our bold possibilities, making leaping much easier.

Are you willing to live fully awake and fully human? Are you willing to liberate your body?

“What’s important now is that awakening is no longer about abandoning or transcending physical reality in order to live a spiritual life; rather, it’s about the fulfillment of our divine destiny by living the truth of our inner radiance while in earthly bodies.”                                                      –


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